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Our Mission

The mission of the independent Meredith Library Fund is to obtain tax-deductible donations and grants to provide a philanthropic opportunity to help equip, renovate and expand the Meredith Public Library and reduce taxpayer’s cost for the project.


Why we need an expanded/renovated library

The Meredith Public Library is much beloved. Since 1901, the Library has been a Main Street cornerstone and a source of fond memories and resources for generations of Meredith families.  Grandparents often reminisce with their grandchildren about the very first time they visited the library, remembering the days when children’s books were still in the front room. 

However, the library is more than just memories. The library plays a critical role in the community and has a modern mission to be the educational, informational, and cultural heart of Meredith. The library staff and trustees strive to meet this 21st century mission, but they are challenged by the limitations of a 19th century building. For example:  READ MORE >>


I love it because I love getting the books.

- Clove, age 4

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