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Join Ernie, Erin, and Linda as they tour the new rooms added to our beloved Meredith Public Library. The tour starts at the new main entrance, right next to the new children's room. Enjoy!

Tour of Meredith Public Library

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  • Meredith Library Fund

Did you read the Meredith Public Library newsletter for this month? If not, here's an update from Library Director, Erin Apostolos:

"Our construction team has been very busy with electrical, HVAC, the sprinkler system, painting and elevator installation this month. If you’ve been keeping an eye on the building exterior, you will see that the masons have been hard at work as well. Siding has also been added. Our historic trim will be painted soon.

The Building Committee has also been busy. We have been finalizing the Phase I furniture and shelving orders, selecting finishes, inspecting engraving drafts for the pavers, getting prices on building furnishings and appliances, meeting with the Historical Society to scan historic images of Meredith, working out details for a Veteran’s Walk in front of the library, lighting, getting estimates from furniture movers and I’m sure I’ve missed a few things on that laundry list!

We are getting closer to a move-in date for the addition. We need to empty the existing building so that it can be renovated. Phase I of the move is tentatively scheduled for June 23. We will likely close on June 21 and reopen on July 13, but please note that this is a moving target. Like every other business in this country, our construction team has experienced labor issues and one sub-contractor having an issue can hold-up the entire process. We’ve already had a few delays prior to this. We should have a better idea of move-in dates for the next newsletter so I’ll keep you posted.

Please note that as the staff works to purge and pack items, our activities at the library will be limited. Our newsletter events look a bit lighter than usual. I’ve had people ask about volunteer opportunities for the move. I am waiting to get quotes back from professional movers and to figure out what work we might do ourselves to save money and what work it would be better to let professionals handle. We will have no air conditioning during the move and with face masks and pandemic concerns it is likely we will let professional movers handle most things. Again I will keep you posted."

(Photo credit: Bob Manley)

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  • Meredith Library Fund

The motto of the Meredith Library Fund rings true as progress on our beloved Meredith Public Library is really becoming evident.

(photos: Bob Manley)

The strong roots of the original library are evident as new growth seamlessly wraps its way around the back of the structure.

The outer structure is coming together nicely!

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