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Thank you
to the following donors:

Marcy Alkalay 

Anonymous -Reading Room 


Erin Apostolos

Bill and Janet Bayard

David and Joy Boothby

Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation

Dee Cahill 

Class of 1965 ILHS 

Deborah Corr 

Gary and Connie Dehnel 

David  and Sylvia Detscher

Rob and Sue Emory 

Lisa Garcia(Food Coach LLC) 

Micci and Edward Freyenhagen 

Bill Gartner 

Nanci and Roger Gauld 

Steven Geer 

Richard and Carol Gerken

Margaret Gilsenberg

Rick and Lissa Goodby

Jane Gregoire 

Dean and Janet Gulezian 

Dr. Alan and Paula Halperin 

Johanna and Bryan Halperin

Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant 

Lou and Mary Kahn

Linda Hough 

Jonathan James

Sarah and Dave Johnson

Bernice and Bernie Kramer 

Amy LaFavre

Nancy and John Law

Bill and Linda Lee 

Virginia L. Lovett  - in memory of Miller C. Lovett

David and Terry Marotta 

Jim and Pat McFarlin

Meredith Rotary Club 

Meredith Library Trustees

Mark and Nedra Oren 

Sue Reh 

Marie Remson - in memory of Kenneth L. Remson

Wendell and Julie Rizzo 

Deborah Roitman + 9 

Friends of Meredith Library

Fred and Betty Strader

Paul V Thomas - in memory of Edith Constance Thomas

The Touhey Family 

Edward Touhey 

Sam and Cherie Travis 

Paula Wanzer 

Winona Forest Assoc 

Stephen and Barbara Delinsky

Claire and Neil Connors

John and Karina Locke 

Caroline Snyder 

Erin Apostolos - in memory of  Katherine Gallagher

Linda Hough 

Jared Mansur 

The  Stafford Family 

Tammy Hutchins 

Kathleen Bagley 

The Hayward Family

Jaime and Michael Laurent

Brenna and Connor Chrusciel 

Nancy Law 

Ann Sprague

Joan and Kirk Vanderpoel 

David Ascher

Geoffrey Dann 

Drs. Carl and Barbara Ciak 

Gordon Mann

Tim and Anne Whiting

Robyn Harding Waldron Bay Assoc

Emily Marston 

Paul and Elizabeth Sittenfeld 

Lor and Mike Gehret 

Dianne Pratt/ Fr. Paul Gregoire

Dominic C. Albanese

William Gartner 

Phil and Mindy Kirstein 

Christopher and Catherine Milton 

Lisa Davis 

Lou and Mary Kahn 

Bob and Pam Patenaude

Barbara Ann Bee 

Joan Burnett 

Paula and Joseph Golemba

Jin and Young  Lee 

Peggy and Yung Bong Lim 

Robert and Barbara Hurwit 

Chris and Rick Kitto  

Russ and Penn Wilder 

Boston College Charter School

Sue Englehardt 

Gary and Cynthia Kiedaisch

Leslie Avery 

Gretchen Goodall 

Princeton Internships Civic Service

Don and Mary Hayes 

Peter and Biddy Irwin 

Anonymous - in memory of Alexander P. Nichoporuk

Seva and Peter Kramer 

Geri Kotch

Barbara and Ralph Binder 

Deborah McNeish 

Ben and Annie Kaplan 

Cynthia Frazier 

Jim and Judy Ringer 

The Hess Collection Winery 

David  and Sylvia Detscher

William and Catherine Galanes

Ann and Paul Remus 

Ray and Carol Moritz 

Deborah Nelson 

Daniel Hoberman and  Julie Somers

Paula Wanzer 

Reina Galanes 

Joann and Edward Wilson

Sias Family 2016 Trust 

John and Lisa Trimberger 

Martha Hubbard 

Elizabeth Bradley 

Robert and Joan Renino

Maxfield R.E.- Lisa Merrill

Judith Hill 

June Sarno

Lisa Lorch 

Strader Family Giving Fund 

Christopher P. Williams 

Jay Strader 

Marilyn M. Lange 

Maggie and Rodney Croes

Jennie, Brian, Timothy, and Grace Racek

Ines Kochman Trust 

Alyssa and Benjamin Yolda

Innisfree Bookshop Fundraiser 

Heidi Thomas 

Steve Dobkins - in memory of Joy Roy 

Lisa Davis - in loving memory of Bob Davis

Julia & Graham Thompson & Family

Lisa M Lorch 

Barbara Eckardt 

 Saltmarsh Insurance Agency 

Brian Misterka 

David Hughey 

Robert & Helen Watkinson 

Bruce and Elaine Campbell 

Paul Beaudry

Cynthia Spring 

Susan Gardner and Pierre Passavant 

Christy White and Robert Axelrod 

Bill and Anne Charrier 

Ms. Cydney Shapleigh

Barbara Petersen 

Marie D'Errico and Tony Anapolis

Alyssa Liftig andOtis House 

Deborah Girard Vynnart

Luanne Kennedy 

Keith & Laura  Bellinger 

Phyllis Hamblet 

Barbara Walker 

Roberta and David Bellinger 

Jim Gregoire 

Kathryn Knott-Garon 

Marianne & Allen Rapp 

Nancy McGrail 

Nancy & Paul Lavigne 

 DeTolla Dental  

John Sheasley 

Dar and Jo Anne Wheaton 

Willavene Wolf Ecker 

Ippolito's Furniture

Virgil and Joyce Johnson

Elyse Andrews 

Ellen and John Garneau 

Christina Touhey 

Marilynn R. Hill 

Brian and Patricia Satterlee

Maxfield RE Bronwen Donnelly

Waukewan Antiques-Paul Hough 

Monica Michalsky and Tom Stankosky

Martha Le Roy 

Andrew McFarlin & Kristen Murray

Lisa Davis - in memory of Bob Davis

Dick and Carol Gerken 

Miracle Farms Landscaping

Prudence and David Lake 

Beverly & Peter Kelley 

Cackleberries - Laurie Perry 

Jeff and Amy Reilly 

Meredith Lions Club 

Susan C. Humphrey 

R. Pito Salas 

Overhead Door Options 

Virginia Lovett 

John and Margie Kreitler

Robert and Mary Bradley 

Ann Bacon Butler - in memory of Bob and Beverly Bacon

Jaime and Michael Laurent

Your Cause LLC -Dell Giving

Susan & Jonathan Lamoreaux 

Richard A. O'Brien 

Dennis & Lauren Stuligross

John and Nancy Sherman

The Common Man 

Maggie and Rodney Croes 

Prudence and David Lake 

Will Miller and Lynne Maguire 

Peter and Laurie Brothers

Kevin and Lucy Kelly

Heart and Hands Thrift Shop 

Phu Jee Chinese Cuisine

LR Dancing with the Stars -Lisa & Liz 

Giuseppe's Pizzeria & Ristorante - in memory of Joseph & Annelle Gnerre

Ann Clary Gordon 

Barbara Virgin 

Chuck and Karen Thorndike 

Janis Roberts 

Richard Boyatzi 

Paula and Paul Trombi 

The McLear Family 

Katherine (Kate) O'Brien 

Meredith Village Savings Bank

The Lapham Family 

The Billings Family 

Bob Lawton (Funspot) 

Lovering Volvo 

Mary Corthouts and Ben Brookmyer

The Touhey Family 

Hermit Woods Winery 

Circle Dental 

Dee Cahill 

Bill Gartner 

Maxfield RE-Becky Whitcher 

Maxfield RE- Bronwen Donnelly

DAK Financial 

Barbara Nealon 

Reese Amy LaFavre 

Joanne & Wallace Kisiel 

Paul & Diane LaFavre 

Anne & Tim Whiting 

Gary & Connie Dehnel 

Jim Gregoire - in memory of Jane Gregoire

Richard and Carol Gerken

Mayhew Funeral  Home

Nancy & John Sherman 

MLF 50/50 Raffle @ PHC

Ginny Lovett 

Russell & Marie Stephens 

Breakthrough Property Services

Ceil, Elyse & Micheal Andrews - in memory of Dr. Bob Andrews

Doris Duff 

Rick and Lissa Goodby 

Rob and Maggie Croes 

Jack and Dawn Dever 

Dawn Dever  and Rita Polhemus - in memory of Esther C. Wyatt 

Goodhue Boat Company 

Steven and Kathleen Markiewicz

Rotary Interact Club 

Nancy McCue - in memory of Shirley McCue

Jack and Vickie Carty 

Patricia O. Smith 

Meredith Rotary Club 

Friends of Meredith Library

Altrusa Club 

Dean and Janet Gulezian

Lilly & Tenny Yam & (Yamily) 

Heidi Barrett-Kitchen - in memory of John & Helen Kitchen and Thomas Kitchen

DTC Attorneys PLLC

Sheila Burke 

Rachel and Mark Roper - in memory of Joseph Roy Jr.

Vivien Mitchell 

Maxfield RE- Donnelly Whitcher 

David and Sylvia Detscher 

Timothy Walton Lunn 

The Montana Family 

Robert and Jean Radtke - in memory of Joe Roy

Steve Capachietti - Fly Over Aerial Drones (in-kind)

Arthur and Linda Matson

Stewarts Ambulance Service LLC

Kevin Gardner - Stone Wall Consulting (in-kind)

Samuel P. Hunt Foundation
James Gregoire- In loving memory of Jane 

Robert and Cynthia Troop

Andrew and Diane Lane

Brian Neidhardt- Sotheby's Intl. Realty

Deborah J. Elliot

The McIninch Foundation

Bolgiano / Jacobs Family Fund

Moose Plate Grant

John Frost

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel P. Bartlett
Joshua Klevens & Anna Sinaiko

Edward and Judith Boquist

Lloyd and Jennifer Adams

Patricia Benerchi

Katherine and James Brogan

Joan Patterson

Miriam Patterson

The May and Spencer Family

Saint Charles Borromeo School

Betty Wetmore

Felix Puetsch

Paula and Ronald Whelan

Ann Wallace ( in kind)

John and Mary Fahey

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