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Your support is greatly appreciated!

There are many ways you can contribute to the Meredith Library Fund, but the most pressing need is financial support – your generous donations are appreciated and will make our project succeed. Please share your support for this vital project with others who, like you, recognize the incredible value the Meredith Public Library provides to our community.


Please complete and submit a donation or pledge form to:  

Meredith Library Fund

P.O. Box 601

Meredith, NH 03253

Donation Options:

  • Check – Payable to Meredith Library Fund, P.O. Box 601, Meredith, NH 03253

  • Credit Card - Through secure PayPal link on this page.

  • Marketable Securities (Stocks & Mutual Funds distributions) - Please contact our treasurer Steven Geer for instructions at

  • Other - (QCD) Qualified Charitable Distributions from an IRA (Consult your tax advisor)

Bob Manley of Hermit Woods Winery shows his support for the Meredith Public Library and the Meredith Library Fund.

A. P. Nichiporuk

Alexander P. Nichiporuk (Courtesy photo)


Ms. Karen makes it so, so, so fun.

- Maya, age 9

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